Direct Mail

Is Your Direct Mail Extraordinary?

Direct Mail Mistakes

Does your direct mail lead or follow?

Are you willing to try new things or just keep sending the same pieces you always have? Don’t allow yourself and your team to send mediocre direct mail. Step up your game and create extraordinary direct mail! How you ask, with planning, determination and willingness to be different. Are you ready to try it?

Creating Extraordinary Direct Mail:

  • Innovative – How can you incorporate a new innovative idea into your direct mail pieces? Be creative here, you want to stand out and be extraordinary in experience you create for your audience. Think about special die cuts, folds, textures and so much more!
  • Technology – Can you add a technological component to your direct mail? Consider Augmented Reality, videos and more.
  • Samples – Do you have a product you could send samples of? If so, they make a great mailing, people love free samples.
  • Personalized – Consider sending a totally personalized campaign. Pictures of recipients with personalized text. Don’t be stockerish here, but it can be fun to see yourself on a mailer.

So much of what is mailed is really drab.

Don’t let your direct mail be like that. With less competition in the mail box now you can look extraordinary just by making a little more effort. These changes do not need to cost a fortune. Pick techniques that fall in your budget. Run a test with half your list getting your usual mail piece and the other getting your new extraordinary one. Which worked better?

What makes direct mail extraordinary is the experience it creates for your prospects and customers.

Wow them with one of the four techniques above. When you provide them with a new way to look at your product or service that ignites a desire in them, you have just made it really hard for them to resist your offer and therefore increased your response rates. Being proactive in your approach and always highlighting the benefits makes your direct mail better than the competition.

Don’t forget that your targeted list is very important.

You need to be mailing to the right people with the right offers. Gone are the days of everyone gets the same thing because they all want my product or service. It is just not true. Select the people that best match up to you offer, wow them with your direct mail and watch your responses grow. Have you done a different type of mailing? How did it work for you?

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