Coordinate your digital and direct mail campaigns

Digital Marketing Services

Including a well-timed, targeted, digital marketing component with your direct mail campaign can boost your response rate dramatically. Neyenesch Printers’ team of experts can coordinate your digital and direct mail campaigns to reach your audience across multiple channels.

Digital Marketing Options

Email: We help you create and send great-looking campaigns, manage your email lists, and track response. Timing can be coordinated with your direct mail in-home dates.

Informed Delivery: Your direct mail piece is accompanied by a full color, clickable ad within the grayscale email preview sent by the USPS.

IP Display Ads: After leaving your website, prospects will see your ads throughout the Google Display Network, driving them back to your website.

Social Media Ads: Continue the touch points of your ads by targeting prospects across their social media platforms.

Data Appending: Convert direct mail lists to a digital marketing list, by appending email addresses, IP addresses and social media profiles so you can reach your prospects across multiple channels.

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