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Direct Mail Copy That Works

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Do you know how to maximize your direct mail copy? By using human behaviors, you can gain a competitive advantage and increase sales. Choosing certain words and phrases can make your messages more memorable, believable and persuasive. Words matter.

First of all, words have connotations and denotations. The denotations are the actual definition of the word. The connotations are much broader and can carry both positive and negative associations. Such as affordable versus cheap.


Rhyming copy is not just more memorable. People also trust it more. They also feel more confident in their decision to buy it. This effect can give marketers with rhyming slogans a big advantage. Rhyming is easier to process and understand. So how can you create some rhyming copy?


Now let’s consider your layout. Yes, your words matter, but how they are presented matters too. A cluttered design without white space and hard to read fonts impact the ability of people to get your message clearly. Make sure you design with this in mind. One more note, when your copy is hard to read people assume that purchasing from you will be hard too.


Readability can impact your credibility. Stay away from jargon, abbreviations, big words and technical terms. Keep it simple. Try these ideas:

  • Alliteration and repetition – Alliteration is a series of words all using the same beginning letter. This is a good way to attract attention. People also remember it better. Using repetition where a word or phrase is repeated for rhythm or emphasis calls attention to it. Keep in mind that the more a person hears or reads something, the more they believe it.
  • Similes and metaphors – They can make information easier to understand. A simile draws a comparison using the word like or as. A metaphor suggests a comparison or similarity without using those words. These are a powerful way to make a product or service that is abstract feel more concrete or accessible. You can make boring things more exciting and emotional.
  • Homophones – These are words that sound like another word but have a different meaning and spelling. Such as right and write. Researchers have found that when people encounter these types of words, they think of the other words and behaviors associated with them. You can get people to think of buy, by saying bye. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Keep in mind that you want to draw readers in and to do that you want to use a lot of YOU words and very few I, we or our words. People are more interested in themselves than anyone else. Therefore, personalize your direct mail, they like to see their name.


Use the word imagine in your copy. It is very powerful. You can get readers to create a metal picture of your choosing. Once they envision themselves with your product or service, it gets them to actually do it. You move them from reality to a world of possibilities. They make it their own. It will make them feel good about your company.


Use the word free. It works really well! People tend to over value the free item because they love free so much. Keep in mind that you do not need to give your product or service away for free. What you can do is provide a free add on with the purchase of your product or service.

The words you choose in your direct mail copy directly affect your direct mail results. Choose them carefully. The tactics mentioned above are a great way to drive the response you want. Get creative and have some fun with your direct mail. Need help? Call us (619) 297-2281 or email