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5 Ways to Refresh Your Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Has your direct mail gotten boring or stagnate? Are you seeing your responses dwindle? When you have been doing direct mail for a long time this can be a common problem. It does need to be addressed. Consistently sending your direct mail is important, but if it’s only getting thrown in the trash, then it is a waste of money. With that in mind what can you do to refresh your direct mail?

5 tips to refresh your direct mail:

1. Color:

When was the last time you looked at the colors you are using? If it has been awhile, take a new look. What colors have you been using a why? How could you change them up to get attention?

2. Images:

Find new images that are a great way to get attention. The images should help you convey your message, so make sure to use only images that work for you. When an image’s message clashes with your text you confuse the recipient.

3. Call to action:

Create a new call to action that addresses the needs of your recipients. Tell them what they will get by responding and make sure it’s something they want. Benefits sell.

4. Wording:

When was the last time you took a look at you wording? Could you say what you need to say using fewer words? Depending on your audience you may need to use simple wording or complex.

5. Format:

A change in your format can help your direct mail look new. Adding bold text to important information is a great way to draw their eyes where you want them to go. Use bullet points for people to quickly scan and gather necessary information. Change from letters to self-mailers or postcards to letters; give them something new to look at.

Keep in mind that continuous campaigns should highlight different things each time so that you are not repeating the same thing over and over. It also makes it a much clearer message for recipients to digest and respond to.

If you need help making sure your design meets USPS requirements send us a pdf to We are happy to look it over for you and let you know if there are problems!

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