Direct Mail

Use Direct Mail to Get Noticed

These days we need to do more than just reach our customers/prospects, we need to get noticed.

Direct mail is a very effective tool to do just that especially when combined with other channels. The more often customers and prospects are exposed to your marketing the better they feel about your organization and the more likely they are to buy. Adding direct mail gives you extra credibility since it is viewed as very trustworthy.

Here are 4 ideas to get your direct mail noticed.

1. Use color envelopes –

Color is inviting and not used often enough. Your envelope will get opened because it is unique. There are many standard colors available that do not drastically increase your costs. Keep in mind that reds and any color made with red are not USPS compatible and will cost you more postage. The optical machines cannot differentiate between red and black so your address is not seen. Your best bet is to stick with blues and greens that are not dark. Pastels are good too. Neon yellow and green can be very effective to catch the eye and draw interest in your mail piece.

2. Use larger pieces

You can use up to a 6.125 x 11.5 postcard or envelope and a 6 x 10.5 self-mailer while still paying the same postage rates. Take advantage of that. Larger pieces get noticed faster and allow you to add graphics and copy without a small size limit. The easier it is to read, the more people who will read it.

3. Add fun taglines –

Get your recipients excited about what they are going to find in the envelope. You can also use fun taglines on self-mailers and postcards on the mail panel side. Get creative here, you want to make them curious to read more, make sure to consider who your audience is and what will grab them.

4. Use stamps –

Surprisingly not many people use stamps on their mail pieces. Stamping is not very costly and can add a more personal touch to the envelopes. There is a stamp for each postage class so no matter how you are sending the mail you can use a stamp.

Have you seen other pieces arrive at your home or office that grabbed you? How could you incorporate come of those elements into your direct mail pieces? A few bonus ideas are using scratch offs, stickers or adding mobile technology. Some of these can get pricey so make sure to evaluate not only what you think will work best but also what you can afford to try.

If you have any questions contact us today. We are glad to help!