Direct Mail

Try Dimensional Direct Mail

Not sure what dimensional direct mail is?

It is mail that is not flat like you normally send, but has dimension to it such as boxes or tubes. They have a much higher response rate than traditional mail pieces. One drawback is that the upfront cost is expensive. The good part though, is that each one may cost more to produce, but you will get more responses with this type of mail so your ROI will be much better.

So why should you try dimensional mail? Here are the top 3 reasons:


This unique mail piece resonates with recipients. Not only will they open it but in most cases they share it with friends and family. It is also remembered much longer than other types of mail.


Dimensional mail has a higher response rate than regular mail. According to the 2010 Direct Marketing Association report, the average response is around 8.5 percent.


In many cases the dimensional mail is useful to recipients and is kept to be used over and over. Thus keeping your company top of mind each time they use it.

Since dimensional direct mail can be costly, take the time to consider all of your options.

This is not to say go cheap on paper and packaging. There are 3 main ways to save on costs besides paper and packaging. They are the number of people on your list, the size of you piece and the way you send them out. A smaller targeted list with a smaller size package sent the cheapest postage will give you the most bang for your buck.

Keep the piece functional but have fun with it. When you do, people keep it as well as show it to other people they know. As with any new direct mail campaign, take the time to really plan it out. Make sure to take into consideration the way that the post office handles the mail so that the items do not arrive damaged. The strength of the carton and the way the contents are packed matter a great deal in how the materials arrive to your prospects and customers. Are you ready to try dimensional mail?

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