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Designers for Peace: United with Ukraine

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Neyenesch Printers Supports the AIGA San Diego/Tijuana World Premier Exhibition, Graphis Designers for Peace: United with Ukraine Following the brutal invasion of Ukraine in February...
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Direct Mail Marketing

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail
The impact of direct mail marketing is undeniable. Direct mail delivers the best response and conversion rates, and ROI of any channel used! In fact, a 2023 State of Direct Mail study by Lob and Comperemedia found that 74% of marketers agree that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response rate, and conversion rates than all other channels used. Direct mail links to our desire to purchase.
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Print Marketing

Harness The Power of Print Marketing

Print marketing has been a part of our lives for generations. It is a very powerful marketing channel. Because our lives are so full of print, we sometimes forget that what we are seeing is print. Part of the power of print is the emotional connection people have to the physical world.
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direct mail choices

Direct Mail Choices Increase ROI

Direct Mail
Did you know that you can increase your ROI by giving your prospects and customers direct mail choices? You just need to know the best way to present the choices so that they pick the one you want them to. Let’s talk about how autonomy bias and the consistency principle can be used in direct mail to increase your results. By using these human behaviors, you can gain a competitive advantage and increase sales.
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Facebook ad testing

Get The Best Results With Facebook Ad Testing

Social Media Marketing
Are you getting the results you need from your Facebook ads? Wondering how to make them better? We have put together some tips on Facebook ad testing to get the best results. This can help you select the best audience, copy and creative.
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Direct Mail

How To Increase Sales With Direct Mail

Direct Mail
Did you know that when your prospects or customers are faced with a decision that they aren’t sure how to make, they will look to people like them to see what they have done? So, you want to show them that many other customers have already made a purchase and are happy in your direct mail.
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Email Marketing Open Rates

How To Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

Email Marketing
Email marketing has become one of the most used marketing channels. It can be a challenge to get your subscribers to open your emails. So, we have put together some tips to increase your email marketing open rates.
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direct mail

Change Your Direct Mail into SmartMail

Direct Mail
Even though direct mail has the highest response rate of any marketing channel it can get even better. By using direct mail in conjunction with mail tracking, call tracking, social media ads and Google follow-up ads you can drastically increase your response rates between 24% to 34%.
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Fulfillment packaging

Best Fulfillment Packaging

Fulfillment packaging is very important. First and foremost, it must protect your products from damage in transit. Carriers are not gentle with packages. Nothing is more disappointing to a customer than receiving what they ordered damaged. Beyond protection though, your packaging also conveys a message about your brand. Let’s look at some packaging tips.
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3D print and direct mail

3D Print and Direct Mail Gets Results

Direct Mail
Have you considered 3D print and direct mail? Since direct mail has been around for a long time, most people know what to expect when they check their mail box. There will be some postcards, envelopes and self-mailers along with magazines. As they sort through the mail and see what interests them, you want to be one of the “let’s look at this” pile.
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Social Media With Print Marketing

Why Combine Social Media With Print Marketing?

MarketingSocial Media Marketing
Print marketing is a powerful marketing channel. You can enhance it even more by combining it with social media marketing. Social media with print marketing creates an average expected lift between 24% to 35%. These stats alone should be a motivator to give this combination of channels a try.
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Increase sales

How to Use Scarcity and Reciprocity to Increase Sales

Direct Mail
Now we will discuss how to use scarcity and reciprocity to increase your direct mail sales. As well as exclusivity. By using these human behaviors, you can gain a competitive advantage and increase sales. Behavioral scientists have discovered that scarcity increases desirability. That is why you see so many direct mail pieces with an offer that expires quickly or there are only a limited number left for purchase. Many marketers are currently using this to drive response.
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Combine Email Marketing With Direct Mail

Why Combine Email Marketing With Direct Mail?

Direct MailEmail Marketing
When you combine email marketing with direct mail, you can target and convert consumers even more effectively. For example, in one study, businesses increased their order value by more than $3 when using the two mediums combined; they also saw a 25% response rate. Savvy marketers know that email and direct mail are powerful channels to reach their customers and prospects.
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