Direct Mail

Use Political Direct Mail To Win Your Election

Target your voters with political direct mail to win their votes.

Unlike other marketing channels direct mail is considered to be trustworthy by recipients. Even millennials like to get mail. You can refine your audience to high propensity voters; you can select party affiliation, geography and much more. The better you target your list to your message the more effective it is. Take the time to create messaging that is meaningful to voters.

The key factor in winning your election is to show people why electing you is good for them.

This may mean that you need to change the message a little depending on the group of people. You can easily do this with variable data printing and still get the postal discounts. What do we mean? In a specific area of a district there may be a problem that really needs to be addressed, but in another area the problem is different. You need to be able to offer solutions for all the problems without having to list them all out for everyone. Group your list based on your problem message so that it is most relevant to those voters.

To win the election, you need to get voters to know you and what you stand for.

In person meetings are the best, but a great alternative is direct mail, since it is the most trusted form of marketing. Modern technology can give your mail pieces an even greater impact by prolonging your connection with each voter. To do so, you link to videos where they get to know you better. You can also use augmented reality that allows them to select from a list of important issues to find out how you feel about them. These can be very powerful and persuasive.

Winning direct mail pieces clearly define the benefits to voters.

As a candidate it can be tempting to talk about yourself too much. Make sure that there are more “you” statements than “I” statements in your copy. Show them what is possible if they vote for you. If you are fundraising, show them how their donation makes a difference in their community.

Many studies have shown that printed pieces are easier for our brains to understand and to remember. Relying on a digital only strategy is not going to win you the election, adding direct mail is your best bet! Drive voters to vote for you and tell friends about you too through the power of direct mail. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! We are glad to help!