Print Marketing Enhancements

Print Marketing Enhancements

Print marketing is about engagement. You want to pull people into your marketing by creating interest. You will also find that when you create print marketing that people really enjoy, they share with others. The more people who see your mailer, talk about it, and share it, the better your response will be. Sensory input leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

12 Print Marketing Enhancements:

  1. Embossing – You can create a fun embossed look when a die presses into the paper like a stamp and slightly raises an image. You can do a single level which raises your image to one consistent height or depth or multi-level which creates a more complex emboss. Your result is a 3-dimensional effect.
  2. Foil Stamping – This fun one will add an elegant look to your direct mail piece. There are many color options, but the most common ones are gold and silver. This can be used on images as well as text so get creative and try enhancing your print with foil.
  3. Metallic or Glitter – This will allow you to create print with a sparkle. They come in many colors. The combination of bright colors and metallic flakes can really make your print pop. You can use it all over or in specific spots to really draw attention to an image or text.
  4. Color Envelopes – The cheapest and easiest thing to do is to use color stock rather than white stock. There is a wide range of colors you can choose from like neon, pastels and bold.
  5. Paper – You can choose from a wide variety of paper stocks. High end linens are popular, but did you know you can use recycled stocks, pearlescent and more?
  6. Peek a Boo – You can use a peek a boo window to show off part of a creative inside. You can show off a coupon card or any other item that is of interest to your audience. This window is meant to build curiosity about what is inside.
  7. Scratch Off – You can add a scratch off area on print items for a giveaway or something you want them to work to see. Most people can’t resist a scratch off.
  8. Pull Tab – You can create a pull tab that once opened will reveal a special message or graphic.
  9. Scratch and sniff – This option adds scent to your mail piece. This is really fun and people enjoy it. Of course, you need to tie the scent in with your brand and messaging. Scent alone can be confusing.
  10. Infinite Folds – These fun folds provide a message at each turn of the fold and are usually folded through at least twice as they drive curiosity. Check out an example.
  11. 3-Dimensional – These can be really unique and drive interest. As they are not flat pieces of paper but all kinds of things in boxes or tubes.
  12. Pop-ups – These mailers are fun and a little scary. They deliver flat and when you open them they pop up into a form. You get to select the form. There are many options to choose from.

There are many other ways to create fun print marketing that engages the senses, so stop creating boring print and have some fun. People want something that is not only a good offer, but new and interesting.

The idea is to grab attention so that your message has a longer chance to resonate. This will help you drive increased ROI. Sensory input leaves a lasting impression on your prospects and customers.

Looking for additional ideas? Consider some special ink options.

  • Leuco Dyes/Thermochromics: Heat sensitive dyes or inks change color in variation in temperature.
  • Photochromic: Changes color with UV light exposure.
  • Optically Variable Ink: Contains metallic materials that change appearance when viewed from different angles.
  • Piezochromic: Change appearance under pressure.
  • Hydrochromic: Change appearance when exposed to water or liquids.

All of these inks are unique and interactive. They can make your print marketing fun for your customers and prospects. Fun equals a better response rate from your print marketing. Are you ready to get started?