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Top 3 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing

Have you started on your holiday email marketing strategy yet?

Don’t wait any longer! For many marketers, the holiday period is busy and drives most of the profit in the year. So if you don’t get your email marketing right for the holidays, then you could be in real trouble.

Check out these top 3 tips for your holiday email marketing.

  1. Start in November for Christmas– Get into inboxes at the start of November with some great deals for your customers and prospects. The sooner you get to them the more business you are liable to get.
  2. Segment – Send the right offers to the right people. No one wants an email selling something that they would never buy; that is just spam. Know what your customers have bought before and what they will likely buy this time.
  3. Theme – You need to create a special holiday theme for your emails. You want to give them a fresh new look that compels people to buy now. Make it fun to drive response.

Of course you also need to create urgency with an expiration date for your special holiday offers so that they do not want to miss out. You can even add in an extra push in your footer. All holiday email marketing needs to be mobile ready because 85% of people are opening their email on mobile devices. Lastly, do not forget to test your emails across multiple platforms to find any issues before you send them out to your list.

One very important item is your subject line as they can make or break your campaign. Have you considered using holiday themed emoji’s? Studies show that emoji’s in subject lines have increased open rates by over 50%! Don’t forget to make the email preview text holiday-themed as well. Email preview text is like a second subject line that will pique their interest so they want to open your emails. Are you ready to get started on your holiday email marketing?

Have questions, contact us today. We are glad to help!