Pre-press Proofing Tips from Neyenesch Printers!

Pre-press Proofing Tips from Neyenesch Printers

The elements of a printing project come from many contributors. The client and creative team collaborate to tell a story and inspire action. With so many involved, the probability of errors and omissions is high. Here are a few proofing suggestions from the #committedtoprint desk at Neyenesch Printers that will save time, money and heartache.

  • A good rule of thumb is the earlier you catch errors, the less expensive the corrections will be. Have all contributors look at each iteration as art files are created. Proofing PDF files and laser prints and making edits before final files go to your printer will save costly rework to the printer’s pre-press proofs.
  • You have proofing options when placing a print order, be sure to request proofs that best meet your needs. A digitally printed piece with a limited budget and the expectation of “pleasing color” only requires an inexpensive digital pdf proof. A more complicated and color sensitive project will want loose color proofs, composed color proofs and a position proof to check content, pagination and cropping. Consult with your Neyenesch Printers representative to make sure your proof selection matches your expectations.
  • Stay on schedule and on budget! Working on a multi-page piece with lots of images and process screen builds? Gang the images and a small patch of each screen build on a single loose color proof. Review and color correct before proceeding to fully composed proofs. Think of this loose proof as an insurance policy against an expensive and time consuming second round of composed proofs. This will keep the person that issues the PO’s and writes the checks very happy.
  • Now this is getting serious! Whether a digital PDF or a fully composed hard copy, your pre-press proof serves two purposes, checking the printers work and a last chance to tweak yours. If you followed suggestions 1 and 3, tweaking should be minimal. Take your time and review the pre-press proofs with fresh eyes before you sign the proof sheet. Never assume that everyone (including you) has done their job correctly! Once ink hits the paper, there is no going back. Make sure you’re happy with all elements of the pre-press proof, that is what your printer will match on press.
  • Other considerations: To avoid surprise color shifts on press, request ink draw downs of PMS colors on the actual job stock. This is especially important if printing on uncoated or non-white papers. To assure you’ll be happy with the weight and feel of your project, have a paper dummy made to the actual size and page count specifications.

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