Email Marketing

How To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be tough.

Email marketing needs to avoid the spam folder, get opened and generate clicks that become sales. So how can you increase your email marketing open and click through rates? There are many ways to increase both, this is by no means a complete list of tips, but we have put together the top 7 tips here for your reference.

Top 7 Email Marketing Tips:

1. Don’t buy an email marketing list:

You may think that this will help you grow your list quickly; however, you will find that they are of no benefit to you. You want to send to people who are interested in your product or service. A purchase list will not get you to the right people and can harm your reputation.

2. Email new contacts right away:

When someone signs up with their email address, reach out immediately with a thank you and a special offer. Taking advantage of being top of mind is an easy way to generate sales.

3. Use preview text:

This is the first thing people look at besides the subject line to determine if they will open your email. Create compelling copy in the preview text to get them interested.

4. Create powerful email marketing subject lines:

Entice people to open your email by being simple and clear. Use verbs and action language to create urgency. Keep it under 50 characters and provide an exclusive special offer. Avoid using words that are spam triggers like free, guarantee, buy now and so on.

5. One call to action:

Remember to keep it simple and give them only one call to action per email.

6. Mobile optimized:

Almost all emails are read on mobile devices now so images, text and buttons not only need to look good but function properly for you to get the responses you are expecting.

7. Don’t use background images:

Instead use strategically placed images to draw attention and convey your message. Make sure you use alt text and that the images are clickable links to your offer.

With these tips you can increase the opens and the clicks to your emails and then generate more sales. Here’s a bonus tip! Always test your email marketing subject lines, offers, copy and images by splitting your list and then by sending a follow up email to people who did not open or respond to the first one. Knowing what works best helps you achieve your goals. Want some tips on the psychology of email marketing? Are you ready to get started?