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What Can You Expect From A Mobile Marketing Bulk SMS Service?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing Bulk SMS services have transformed marketing communications and is opening new avenues for businesses of all sizes. Blue chip brands are already taking advantage of bulk SMS services, and millions of small businesses are feeling the benefits as well.

The recent advancements in mobile technology has taking mobile marketing on to the next level. With the introduction of features such as attachments, customer surveys, real-time feedback reports and ticketing solutions, marketers have some powerful tools to engage customers and compel them to take action.

Not only that, Bulk SMS enables you to reach thousands of customers for a cost-effective fee and with an open rate between 90-98% you are guaranteed more bang for your buck. The life-cycling of texting also enables you to measure the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns.

How do bulk SMS mobile marketing services work?

The first stage of a mobile marketing SMS texting campaign is to convince customers to sign up to your mobile marketing service. If you already have a list of mobile contacts, send a message inviting them to opt in.

Your initial invitation should include an irresistible promotion that increases your chances of receiving a high volume of responses. You should also advertise the offer on billboards, posters, flyers, blogs, website, social media networks and any other marketing channels at your disposal.

Bulk SMS software typically use short codes recipients have to text back to take advantage of your promotion. Once they respond, you have to request their permission to receive other promotional offers. This is known as an ‘opt-in.’

Once you have built a list of mobile customers, you can send them special promotions. The goal of your SMS marketing campaigns can be used for a variety of reasons; to increase sales, raise brand and product awareness, provide information or reminders, enhance customer loyalty or a simple thank you.

Because mobile marketing is cost-effective, reliable and personal, bulk SMS services are growing into one of the most powerful marketing tools in the industry. SMS marketing has a higher response rate than any other marketing channel and texting is the most preferred means of communication for customers.

What industries can benefit from bulk SMS services?

Bulk SMS services will not be the best solution for all small businesses, but there are a lot of advantages across many industry sectors. Restaurants, retailers, event organizers, travel agents, hotels, banks, real-estate agents, dentists, hairdressers, personal trainers, sports centers and many more are all benefitting from bulk SMS services.

On a broader scale, schools and colleges are using SMS services to communicate with students and parents, and numerous corporations are taking advantage of mobile marketing to communicate with customers and partners.

Bulk SMS services are not only used for promotional purposes. Texting is also being used to send invitations to marriages, birthdays and all manner of events. Organizations also adopt SMS services as an internal function to support or act as an alternative to email.

Bulk SMS services have matured into an essential mobile marketing tool and its many uses give companies leverage to produce better results in many various aspects of your business.

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