How To Track And Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel


There are times when it’s easy to tell if you have enough information to make a marketing decision.

You wouldn’t pull the trigger on a facility expansion unless you had at least an estimate of how much it would cost, for example. However, many organizations are making decisions every day without the proper amount of information. Faulty online lead management is often to blame. Because many Internet marketers base decisions concerning their campaigns on conversion data that is woefully incomplete. They charge into the fray with only some of the information they need. Unless you can track and validate the leads generated by your website, you’ll never have the complete information you need to make informed decisions.

Marketing leads generated by your website

Here at Internet marketing firm Straight North, we’re big believers in the idea that you can never have too much information. This is especially true when it comes to the leads generated by your website. That’s why we encourage our clients to implement lead tracking and validation on their sites. This enables them to know exactly which of their conversions are actually sales leads and from where they came. With this additional level of information at their disposal, Internet marketers can accurately evaluate the ROI of their online marketing campaigns. They can determine how well they are performing as well as optimize them to produce more and better leads.

Tracking and validating marketing leads

Tracking and validating leads generated by your website require a deep dive into the infrastructure of your website’s code as well as implementing phone call tracking. These steps may demand a bit more effort, but the results can be well worth the additional time and work. The following slideshow will take you step by step through the process of implementing lead tracking and validation into your online marketing apparatus. Follow it, and you can give yourself more information you’ll need to make decisions that can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.


Author Bio:

Matt Cannon is Director of Web Services at Straight North, an Internet marketing company in Chicago that specializes in SEO, PPC and web design services. He manages all web development activities, making sure that every project is applying current development standards and techniques.