Mobile Marketing

How to Increase Mobile Marketing ROI

Mobile Marketing ROI

How to Increase Mobile Marketing ROI

While other forms of marketing are created for a wider audience, mobile marketing feels to your customers and prospects more like a direct interaction between you. This presents a great opportunity for you to cultivate a strong relationship and build brand loyalty with them. Keep in mind that short messages, images, and videos typically work best.  It can be a challenge to maintain and grow mobile ROI.

Let’s look at a few ways to improve mobile marketing ROI.

  1. Apps: Low app engagement and retention are real problems. Users are looking for the benefit the app provides them, so are you addressing that? When you provide a seamless onboarding experience you significantly reduce abandonment rates. A way to increase engagement is with push notifications. They have been shown to increase user retention. Are you using them? People want a personalized experience so make sure you are using known data to display relevant content and material in the app for them.
  2. MMS or SMS: Low response rates could be based on a few different issues. First make sure that you have a very strong call to action. Then segment your data so that your messages are more personalized. Finally, it’s all about the timing, send the text when it is most relevant close to the time you need them to act. This means you will be sending it much later than other marketing channels.
  3. Location Based: When you reach your prospects or customers based on where they are located, the best way to boost engagement is by making it fun, a way to include friends, a way to get a deal or a way to learn new information.
  4. Ads: In order to drive more response keep the text short, but effective. Use buzz words that create interest and build familiarity with your brand. Make sure to pay attention to how your campaign will appear visually and how it acts when scrolling. Finally make sure to provide easy to navigate landing pages that are bug-free and quick-loading.

There are many options for reaching your prospects and customers; however you want to do this in the most economical way in order to maximize your ROI.  The effectiveness of you mobile marketing depends how wisely you use it. So make sure you are tracking what matters most to you. Not everyone will have the same goals; therefore, your key performance indicators will vary. Tracking what matters most to you will help you identify areas of improvement and over time grow your mobile marketing ROI. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! We are glad to help!