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How To Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

Email Marketing Open Rates

Email marketing has become one of the most used marketing channels. It can be a challenge to get your subscribers to open your emails. So, we have put together some tips to increase your email marketing open rates.

Increase Email Marketing Open Rates:

  • Design – Use quality images to communicate your message quickly, so users will find reading your content a pleasurable experience. Poor design leads to unsubscribes and spam filters. You want to use a combination of visuals and text. Don’t use the same old boring layouts get creative and have fun with your email marketing designs.
  • Content – Make sure to provide valuable content. If you are not sending something they want, you are spam to them. It’s important to communicate with your subscribers beyond selling them your products and services. Use your emails to also educate, amuse and surprise them with interesting, fun, and valuable information. This keeps people curious about the emails you are sending and therefore more likely to open them.
  • Infographics – The mix of images, text, illustrations, icons, and data visualizations, make infographics a great way to deliver information and engage users.
  • Videos – Use videos in your emails to share things like behind-the-scenes, testimonials from customers, and tutorials. Videos help your brand to be more human and relatable. Videos are a great way of communicating with and engaging subscribers. If you want to improve your brand’s voice, share stories and build trust with your subscribers video is the way to go. Also, video placement is very important. When using testimonials, make sure you place them at the bottom, so you can create storytelling as a teaser for your video.
  • Colors – You can use color not only to delineate different blocks of content, but also as a way to draw attention to important information.

Your focus should always remain on the content. When you add photos to your email make sure they correctly convey your message. Make sure to right size your images since large image files can impede download speed. You don’t want people to give up on your email because the image took too long to load.

Did you know that phrases like “new video” or “video inside” in your subject line arouses curiosity? Next time you send a video in your email, try it. Tracking your open rates is the best way to measure how engaged your subscribers are and a great indicator of the quality of your content.

Low open rates indicate that you are reaching the wrong audience, your content is not good or your layout is poorly designed. The items we discussed above will help to make your content more engaging and increase your email marketing open rates.

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