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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing helps engage people no matter where they are.

Mobile marketing is where you need to be, from coupons that have a 10 times the redemption rates as printed ones to mobile donations. Marketing needs to meet where people are. Today they are on their phones. When was the last time you were more than 3 feet from your phone?

So how can you use mobile marketing for your business?

1. Apps:

Is this right for you? Not every company can benefit from an app. Make sure to consider all the pros and cons, including the cost before going this route.

2. QR Codes:

These are easy to create and easy for the user. Make sure that your landing pages are mobile optimized.

3. SMS (Short Message Service):

Text only message and you need people to opt in.

4. MMS (MultiMedia Message Service):

This can be pictures and text, make sure you have opt ins for this one as well.

5. Mobile websites

These can be a great benefit for you and your users. Create simpler sites that have click to call, click for directions and click for ordering. Ease of use here is key.

6. Display ads:

Usually sold as cost per click or per thousand can be bought through a number or agencies. The most popular are Ad Mob from Google and iAd from Apple.

7. Augmented Reality:

This is by far the most creative form of mobile marketing. The sky is the limit here. From illustrations that come to life and allow for integration to videos, you can really make your printed material come to life with the mobile phone.

8. NFC (Near Field Communication):

This a new player and not all phones are NFC enabled yet, however in the future this can be a great tool to push display and SMS messages to you when you are close to a product or service.


Here are some things to keep in mind:


Design with the device in mind:

Most mobile phones have small displays and limited keyboards. Make sure you design with that in mind so that you do not frustrate your users.

Stay on the right side of the law:

Make sure to send messages to people who have opted in. You can create campaigns to get people to opt-in.  Create sign up forms on your promotions. You can even offer a giveaway to entice them to sign up.

Limit the amount of data you are sending:

Most people pay for that, so you want to limit the amount your message will cost them.

Create compelling reasons:

People need a reason to scan your codes, make sure you give them a good one. Keep the user in mind, what’s in it for them?

Who is your target:

Remember, this is like all other forms of marketing you need a target audience to make sure that you get a good response. All the messaging as well as where you are posting need to be focused on that target.

Mobile marketing can really help you with today’s consumers. You just need to make sure that you are using best practices and really focusing on not just your goal but how you are targeting to reach that goal.

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