Direct Mail

Direct Mail Inspiration Ideas

Many times customers are looking for a fresh direct mail design idea and are not sure where to start. Since the best direct mail pieces are ones that draw attention it is best to start with that in mind. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to get the process started:

  1. What has worked best in the past?
  2. Is there a fun design element you have seen before you would like to try?
  3. What are your prospect and customers most interested in?

Direct mail has many great features that no other marketing channel has. You can enhance it to draw attention. Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Getting creative can not only be a lot of fun, but really drive response. There are times when the ideas just don’t seem to come, but looking at what others have done can help you. We suggest that you create a mail sample box. Ask everyone in the office to bring in mail pieces they received at home that caught their attention and put them in the box. This will give you lots of samples over time. You can also do research online to see what others are doing.

Outside of the box ideas work really well. Here are a few ideas for direct mail that have worked well for others:

There are many other ideas out there waiting to help you drive your response rates higher. Take the time to research what will work best for your customers and prospects as well as what will be cost effective for you.

Contact us today if you have questions or need help. We are glad to help!