7 Steps to Get Started with Omni-Channel Marketing

Social Media With Print Marketing

Are you using Omni-Channel Marketing?

When you think about marketing, you probably think about all the different ways that you reach out to customers. And that’s great—you should be reaching out to people through email and in person and on your website and on social media. But have you thought about how you integrate those experiences to help you maximize your marketing? Many companies have not.

Reaching out to customers and potential customers via different methodologies is good business practice. You do, of course, need a presence on the internet. You need social media activities where your customers are. But for many companies, the results of those marketing efforts are siloed — they’re multi channel but they’re not omni channel.

Omni channel means that you integrate every marketing effort you’re doing, and you make sure the results of one inform the results of every other so that you can have a well-rounded approach to what you’re doing. What does that look like? This graphic explains it.