5 Steps to Improving Your Marketing Strategy By Hiring Freelancers

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Improving Your Marketing Strategy By Hiring Freelancers

Do you feel like your current marketing strategy is lackluster? Maybe you’re looking to improve upon your direct mail marketing efforts, or maybe you want guidance from an expert in marketing fulfillment. Working with a marketing agency like Eye/Comm that specializes in focused solutions could be the answer! In addition, you could bring freelance sales and marketing professionals on to your team to work on key projects. Here’s how to get the best outside help so that your business’s marketing strategy will shine.

Invest in Off-the-Shelf Software

Depending on which projects you need to tackle, you might not need another set of hands on deck to get the job done. Instead, you could utilize off-the-shelf software services to save time and money. Atlas Code states that you can find off-the-shelf software for lots of projects, like bookkeeping and website administration, and it’s often cheaper than custom software options. Plus, getting it running is simple, and you’ll have access to a wide range of features immediately.

Form an LLC First

Not only does forming a California LLC grant your business plenty of benefits, but it will also legitimize your business in the eyes of potential new hires. Filing through a budget-friendly online formation service will help you save money on high lawyer fees. You’ll need to research the filing requirements in your state as you gather your documents. Once the process is done, you’ll have protection for your personal assets, and you’ll get plenty of tax breaks!

Assess Your Needs

Before you begin looking for freelance marketers, it’s important to audit your current marketing strategy and assess your needs. To determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing strategy, Toucan Toco recommends looking at important key performance indicators, including conversion rates by marketing channel, your organic website traffic and traffic driven by pay-per-click initiatives, and your social media return on investment. This will help you figure out who you need to hire.

Clarify the Role

You’ve identified a few areas where you could improve your approach to marketing and sales. Now, it’s time to get specific about which freelance roles you’ll be hiring for, and whether you’ll need freelancers for offline or digital marketing strategies. For instance, will you need someone to manage direct mail marketing or mobile marketing? What about a graphic designer to design promotional products? Or will you need a freelancer who can handle social media and email marketing? It’s important to be clear in your job description. You can share the job posting on freelance job platforms, along with the rates you’re offering.

Screening and Onboarding

Once you’ve received some applications, you can go over the candidates’ work samples and resumes. When you’ve found a few promising candidates, you can start setting up interviews! Make sure that they have worked on projects that are relevant to your business. Most importantly, ask them about the results of their campaigns and strategies they have implemented.

When you make a final hiring decision, you will need to work with the freelancer to negotiate and sign a contract that is fair to both parties. Have them fill out any necessary financial paperwork as soon as possible so that you can enter them into your payroll system. Finally, you’re ready to get them plugged into new projects!

Mastering every aspect of marketing on your own is tough when you’re overseeing business operations. With reliable freelancers or agency support, you don’t need to. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the expert insight you need to create an effective, comprehensive marketing strategy.

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