Email Marketing

15 Tips For Email Marketing

Email marketing CAN work for you.

Emails help to strengthen your relationships with your customers, build your brand awareness and give you another touch point. Here are a few important tips to make your email marketing successful.

Top 15 Email Marketing Tips:

  1. Get Permission: You need permission to contact people on your email list. Always include a way for the subscriber to opt-out.
  2. List Buyer Beware: Purchased lists generally do not do very well. Be careful when purchasing a list.
  3. Strong Subject Line: The subject line is the most important part; you have just a few seconds to get someone to open your email.
  4. Recognize Sender: Make sure the sender or from line is going to be recognized or the email will be deleted.
  5. Relevant Message: Make sure that the messages are relevant to the recipient, if they are not you will most likely lose that subscriber.
  6. Simple Design: Your email design should be simple. Make sure to size it so the subscriber can read all of it without scrolling.
  7. Personalize: Personalize your email whenever possible.
  8. Use Social Media: Include ways for people to share the email with others via social media buttons.
  9. Follow Up: Make sure to have thank you follow up emails when a request or order was placed.
  10. Test: Make sure to test in all different viewers. What looks great in Gmail, may look wrong in Outlook.
  11. Schedule: Make sure to setup a schedule that does not overwhelm the recipients. Too many emails will only anger people.
  12. Best Send Times: Generally the best days to send emails are Tuesday thru Thursday between 11am and 2pm.
  13. No Flash or Video: Most servers remove flash and video from emails, you are better off keeping that on the landing pages not in your email.
  14. Landing Page: Create your Website landing page to look like your email to increase responses.
  15. Analyze Results: Email analytics are quick. You will know within 48 hours how well your campaign did.

There are many more, but these are the major factors in email marketing design, management and execution. As long as you are paying attention to these tips and following your analytics you should have great results.

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