Pick and Pack Fulfillment Tips

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Tips

As more and more people buy items online, pick and pack fulfillment becomes a more integral part of businesses. In many cases the sudden deluge of orders has caused problems with the way systems were setup for a time when there were less orders. So today, we will tackle tips on the best ways to setup for quick and easy pick and pack fulfillment.

Your pick and pack fulfillment stations are key to correct package shipments. This is the area that catches any problems and is able to fix them before the order goes out the door. They can also spot problems with packaging and make changes to ensure that your customer receives all their items undamaged and presented nicely.

What should your Pick/Packer be looking for?

  • Complete order
  • Correct counts
  • Correct sizes and colors
  • Damage
  • Right size and protective packaging

Your bottom line depends on your pick and pack fulfillment person getting this right. Inaccurate or damaged orders are a customer service nightmare. You have to give refunds or replacements and make sure your customer is happy. You don’t want them writing bad reviews or telling others about a bad experience. These problems increase your costs and lower your profits.

Maximizing efficiency and productivity in pick/pack is very important. Order fulfillment begins with order picking. Then QC to make sure the order was correctly picked. The QC person should never be the pick person. It is too easy to overlook our own mistakes. Followed by packing with the correct size carton and protection from damage. Efficient packing allows for the packer to only touch each item one time.

As you layout your workstations there are some things to consider, the way you equip and layout the workstation can speed your pick and pack fulfillment. Locate necessary supplies nearby for easy access. Try to avoid multiple lift and carry situations once the carton is packed. This will keep your people safe from injury. To maximize productivity all of the functions have to work correctly with little or no duplication of effort.

Pick and pack fulfillment can be a challenge, but it can also be very effective at stopping errors from being shipped to your customers. Take a close look at your pick and pack workflow, as there are bound to be ways you can increase productivity and mitigate errors. Happy customers mean more orders so make sure that QC is a major part of your pick and pack fulfillment. If you are overwhelmed or need help Eye/Comm is here for you. We have a specialized fulfillment team to get your orders processed and shipped correctly and on time. Contact us today! We are glad to help!