Email Marketing

Freshen Up Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a great way to generate sales. In order to continue to keep your emails working for you, you need to create new ideas. Over time your emails can become stale and your results will start dropping. New and innovative ideas help you stay fresh.

Let’s look as 5 ways to freshen up your email marketing:

  1. Video – Adding video content to your emails increases user interest and engagement. Videos help your emails perform better. Are you using videos?
  2. Testimonials – There’s no better marketing than testimonials. Add your rave reviews from actual customers to your emails. Not sure how to do it? They can easily be added to your cart abandonment, transactional and sales generation emails.
  3. Referrals – A referral program is a great way to get customers to spread your messaging. Plus it also incorporates testimonials. Use email as a means of referral, and include referral reminders in your transactional emails.
  4. Images – Have you considered the types of images you have been using? It’s a good idea to test as many different images as possible. Don’t let your images be boring. They need to grab attention and draw readers in. Test to see if there a difference in your response rates to images of your product or service in use versus stock photos. Use real client images. By testing to see what works best you will keep your emails fresh and generate more response.
  5. Cart Abandonment – Focus on people who have gotten to the point of purchase but not actually made one. Abandoned cart emails will help put your business and products back at the top of the user’s mind. Make sure that you are reiterating your product or service benefits. You should also offer an incentive to get them to purchase now such as free shipping, free samples, or a discounted coupon.  Win back customers who might otherwise never have purchased.

Email is a great low cost marketing channel. In order to keep getting great results you need to freshen up the types of emails you are sending. These 5 ideas will help you continue to grow sales through email. Remember to test only 1 variation at a time. This will allow you to pinpoint the difference in results and use it to your advantage. Are you ready to get started?

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