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Creating Your 2022 Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy

Creating Your 2022 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Somehow 2022 is here already so it is time to create your social media marketing strategy. With all the channels and options available it can seem daunting to lay out your strategy, but if we take it one step at a time you can quickly create a great strategy for 2022.

5 Social Media Marketing Strategy Steps:

  1. Goals – What are your goals for social media in 2022? The more precise your goals the easier it is to set a strategy to meet them. Some common goals are increasing engagement, generating leads, sales and brand awareness.
  2. Audience – Do you know who your audience is? Don’t assume that you do, do the actual research to find out. This will allow you to better target them to meet your goals. Make sure you target the right channels where your customers are.
  3. KPI’s – You need to be tracking your metrics closely. You should have some that are specific to your goals. Common metrics to track are the number of users who saw your post, the number of clicks on your post and number of likes.
  4. Content – You need to create fun and engaging content. Stories are relevant and people love them, so make sure some of your content is in story format. Another popular format is video, make sure you are creating fun short videos. Most importantly your posts need to be human. You and your followers are not robots so you don’t want your posts to come across that way either.
  5. Competitors – Do you monitor what your competitors are doing on social media? You should be. Check to see what their strategy is and how you compare to it. You should not copy what they do, but instead find ways to improve what you are already doing. Make sure you are also paying attention to what their followers are saying.

At this point you should have a rough sketch of your 2022 social media marketing strategy. Keep in mind that when you send posts is as important as what you are sending. Then when your prospects or customers make comments, you need to respond as quickly as possible. Even if they are complaints, take care of the problem where everyone can see.

The beauty of social media marketing strategy is that you can monitor in real time and make changes on the fly if something is not working as well as you intended. Monitoring your KPI’s is not just for future campaigns but can help you fix a current one that is not working well. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! We are glad to help!