Email Marketing

Are You Segmenting Your Email Marketing Audience Correctly?


You know this: All email marketing customers are not created equal. They don’t have the same characteristics and demographics. They aren’t the same age or gender, they don’t live in the same houses or on the same streets (well, maybe some of them do). So why would you market your products or services to all of your customers in the same way?

Well, as any good marketer would tell you—you shouldn’t.  The more you know about your customers and potential customers, the more you can segment them, and the more you can segment them, the more you can appeal to their different wants and needs. And customers that get communication from you that feels individualized will better feel as if you are “speaking” to them—and thus exhibit more loyalty. So what does customers segmentation look like when it comes to email, and how can you implement it in your business? This graphic offers some ideas.


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