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2022 Email Marketing Copywriting

Email marketing copywritting

Email marketing copywriting

2022 Email Marketing Copywriting

One of the keys to effective email marketing is writing copy that your subscribers want to read. Email marketing copywriting is difficult and will take time. This will require you to segment your list for the best targeting. You can’t write good copy if you don’t know who you are targeting. You need to speak to their needs, which requires you to know what they are.

10 Email Marketing Copywriting Tips:

  1. Emotions – You need to incorporate emotion into your copy. Emotional buying benefits you. You need to make sure the emotion you are trying to convey is believable.
  2. Offer – Use your customer and prospects pain points to create your offer. When you solve their problems, you get them to click on your offer.
  3. Tone – Make sure that you write how you speak. A casual tone in an email is best.
  4. Questions – Make sure to use questions as they keep the reader going. Of course, they need to be focused on their needs not to mention on topic.
  5. Alternatives – Did you know that by suggesting there are alternatives with your competition actually gets people to believe your offer and place the order? It shows you are confident in your product or service.
  6. Choices – Too many choices are a problem. Provide 2 options for them to choose from. The first option is more expensive and the second option is cheaper. They will see the second option as a great deal that way.
  7. Testimonials – Make sure your prospects know how your customers feel about your product or service. Satisfied customers make all the difference.
  8. Special – Make people feel special by giving them an exclusive offer for a short period of time. You want to be generous and share a special offer just with them.
  9. KISS – Keep it simple… is the best way to write your copy. Clean concise and easy to read make emails with better response rates.
  10. PS – Add extra points to motivate them by using phrases like one more thing, moreover, even more, and lastly, etc. This can be the thing that finally convinces them to act.

Email marketing copywriting in 2022 is a challenge. Taking the time to segment your list and target your copy to your customers and prospects is going to increase your response rates. Of course, you also need to personalize your emails. Segmentation only gets you so far, that extra personal information can push someone to respond. Use the data you have such as purchase history to provide additional items they need.

2022 email marketing is all about sending the right offer to the right person as well as not overloading inboxes with too many messages. Make sure you are sending emails that people want to get. You may also want to provide a share with a friend offer to generate new leads and sales. Are you ready to get started? Need help? Contact us today!