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Shades of Africa. The Zoological Society and Neyenesch make an impact.

This multi-faceted project for the San Diego Zoological Society was used to help attract potential donors. The design team and Neyenesch knew that a successful solution would have a strong visual and tactile impact. Die-cut windows were aligned with animal eyes looking through to the Esse textured cover stock, and a beautifully sculptured emboss was used over the front and back of the brochure. A hand-glued, double-thick wrap covered the stitches on the spine and a custom envelope and appeal card set completed the package.

Client Feedback

I have worked with Neyenesch Printers for over a decade; we have always had a great relationship with them and have been impressed with their incredible customer service, quality and fair prices. Our recent project for our year end appeal was one of our most challenging projects to date with a variety of different techniques and finishes. Timing was incredible critical. They met every challenge they were faced with and kept the project completely on track. With their help we have one of the most beautiful pieces we have ever designed and it’s an incredible impressive appeal package. They are truly the best!”

—Kathy Lapinsky, San Diego Zoological Society


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