Social Media Marketing

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

So many times businesses underestimate the power of social media marketing, do not be one of them! In 2018, you better be on social media. It now creeps into all aspects of our lives. Our customers and prospects are using social media on a daily basis so we need to be there too. Social media marketing is all about engagement.

The more you are able to engage with your customers and prospects the more connected they feel to your business and the more they buy. Not only that, but they tell their friends about you by sharing posts and information.

One thing we hear the most is that I don’t want everyone to see my offer, it is special. Well, targeting your social media ads are now really easy, you get to pick who you want to see your ad. This is no longer a good excuse. The next most common excuse is, I do not know what to say. Social media should be treated as marketing and customer service. You can answer questions, solve problems and create a buzz about new products or services with your social media and don’t forget to have fun.

Still wondering why you should use social media marketing?

It is a great way to connect directly with your prospects and customers. You can engage in a conversation with them. This opens up an opportunity to connect on a personal level, remember people do business with people they like. You can learn a ton on information about who your customers are and then use that to better target your prospects. One more thing that social media does for you, it allows your followers to market for you. When people share your messages with friends they are marketing for you and they do a better job too. Recommendations from friends increase the probability of a purchase.

As you can see if you are not actively using social media as a marketing tool for your business you are missing out on some great benefits. Start your 2018 off right by carving out a little time each day for social media, you will reap the benefits. Have questions? Contact us today! We are glad to help!