Direct Mail

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Many people wonder why they should use direct mail.

Marketers everywhere are faced with too many marketing channel choices. It’s hard to know which ones will work best. When choosing your channels don’t ignore direct mail.  You may think its old school, so why use it, but direct mail can really add to your ROI. You can use mail to drive online engagement too. Add QR codes, PURL’s, and Augmented Reality to link your marketing channels together. Let’s take a look at the direct mail channel.

Why choose direct mail as one of your marketing channels:

1. Recipients:

They view mail as less intrusive than other forms of marketing and in return, are more receptive to the message. Even millennials enjoy getting mail. As long as you are sending them offers that are correctly targeted.

2. Competition:

There is less competition in the mail boxes these days so you can stand out. People are inundated with messages all day long from email and so much more. You can build brand recognition with mail as well as get noticed.

3. Tangible:

With a mail piece you can grab the senses in so many more ways than with online channels. People can touch, save for later or even pass the information provided in a direct mail piece to their friends. Use the senses to your advantage by adding texture and scents to your direct mail. Create a powerful experience.

4. Target:

Unlike all other channels, you can target your audience very specifically with mail. There are so many selects to choose from it would be hard to list them all. Make a list of all the specific things you are looking for in your prospects and in many cases you can match them with a direct mail list.

5. Personalized:

Direct mail is more refined now. The personalization available creates a much more appealing direct offer. You can use images as well as text to create each piece targeted to each person.

As with any marketing channel, knowing who your target audience is, is the key to better results. You cannot create a targeted mail campaign if you do not have a good grasp on who you are sending to. Your messaging, your list and your creative are all effected by who you are trying to reach. Don’t forget that you need to be tracking your results. The only way to continue to improve your campaigns is to modify them based on the results from previous campaigns. Don’t be afraid to segment your recipients and try something new to a group of them. It is only by trying new things that we are able to identify possible new lifts in ROI.

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