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Why Combine Social Media With Print Marketing?

Social Media With Print Marketing

Print marketing is a powerful marketing channel. You can enhance it even more by combining it with social media marketing. Social media with print marketing creates an average expected lift between 24% to 35%. These stats alone should be a motivator to give this combination of channels a try.

The first step is to add your social profiles to your printed pieces. Include short URLs or social media handles with your contact information. Add them to business cards, brochures, labels, packaging, direct mail and so on. Next include a call to action with and incentive to follow you or share your content. This will help you build up followers and drive engagement. You can even create campaigns or contests where customers enter through social media, then have to receive a postcard with a special code to enter on your site to receive an incentive.


Social media can help you build a good prospecting list too. You can also gather testimonials. Neuroscience tells us that “social proof” is heavily relied on in decision making. Neuroscience also tells us that words printed on paper tend to carry more “weight” in the mind. So, make sure to use them in your print marketing!

Customer Research:

The fact that a social media post costs practically nothing makes it a great way to conduct customer research. Imagine posting different potential product images to your Instagram feed to see which one gets the most responses through likes and comments. Then pick the winning image to include in your catalog or direct mail campaign, already knowing it will resonate the best with your audience!


There are moments in life that are worth sharing. A well-placed print piece can trigger social sharing including your brand. A great example is college admissions. Colleges are starting to include printed pieces with acceptance letters with a hashtag so future students will take a selfie and post online.

Combining social media with print marketing in an integrated campaign strategy is a powerful way to market your products and services. Savvy marketers know that harnessing the power of one channel can dramatically increase the success rate of the other. There are several ways to boost both your social media and print marketing campaigns in combination.

Everyone knows by now that a powerful Facebook presence can pay off. Web to direct mail and vice versa is very successful. Remember that print marketing lends credibility to your brand and social media adds engagement, broader reach and fun. As you can see, combining social media with print marketing can help you earn far better results than just doing one alone.

Social media with print marketing creates highly engaging campaigns that will help you weed out the non-buyers from the buyers. You can then turn those non-buyers into buyers with future campaigns. Be creative, don’t be afraid to break the mold, differentiate yourself from the competition and achieve success by combining social media with print marketing. Ready to get started? Call us (619) 297-2281 or email