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Why Combine Email Marketing With Direct Mail?

Combine Email Marketing With Direct Mail

When you combine email marketing with direct mail, you can target and convert consumers even more effectively. For example, in one study, businesses increased their order value by more than $3 when using the two mediums combined; they also saw a 25% response rate. Savvy marketers know that email and direct mail are powerful channels to reach their customers and prospects.


Personalization is important when you combine email marketing with direct mail. Studies show that brands that personalize the subject lines of their emails experience 27% higher unique click rates and 11% higher open rates than those that do not personalize their promotional emails. By personalizing direct mail your average is a 9.7% conversion rate.

Touch Points

When planning to combine email marketing with direct mail, mail is typically the first touchpoint. Once the mail piece is sent, choose two to four different moments to send out emails. The first email should go out a week after the mailing to keep the original mailing top of mind. Send the other emails a few days apart to not overwhelm the recipient.


Creative elements in the mail piece and emails should match. Leverage your copy and visuals when you combine email marketing with direct mail. For example, your tagline can be used in the header copy of the mail piece and the subject line of your first email or its body copy. Be sure your mail and email also lead to the same final touchpoint a special landing page.


The latest trend in direct mail leverages programmatic technology to send personalized mail pieces triggered by digital interactions. Once a visitor interacts with a specific touchpoint on your website, such as your homepage, a category page or product page, the programmatic technology will send a mail piece within 24 to 48 hours of the interaction. Not sure how to do this? We can help! You can also send emails.

Missing Information

If you have been using direct mail as your only marketing channel, you may not have email addresses for everyone or vice versa. Don’t worry, you can use our email append or address append service to help you fill in the missing email and direct mail addresses. You might also not have a platform to send email from, not a problem we can help with that too!

Informed Delivery

Also, you can take advantage of the USPS Informed Delivery network. Millions of people have signed up with the USPS for this service. They get an email daily of what will be in their mail box. Marketers can add three items to the daily email: a representative image of their mail piece, a ride-along image call-to-action, and a text link with a target URL. Mailers who include these items get to jump to the top of the email above all other mail pieces that are scanned in black and white only.

So, you have 3 options for email marketing. You can do it yourself; you can have us do it or you can use the post office Informed Delivery Campaign or a combination of these options. Nailing down the right marketing mix is crucial for year-round success. Sync up your email and direct mail efforts instead of choosing one channel over the other. With a well-timed, well-designed campaign, your business will increase sales! Are you ready to get started? Call us in San Diego at (619)  297-2281 or email