Email Marketing

What’s The Best Form of Marketing Campaign?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing communications, which methods are most effective? Is it the advert that appears just before the YouTube video plays? Or perhaps the email campaign? Or maybe it’s that ad that appears in someone’s Facebook feed.

There’s no doubt that all those methods are effective. However, according to the 99firms’ infographic, 77% of consumers prefer to get their marketing messages through email.

Why is Email Marketing Preferred?

This could be because email is one of the least intrusive of the advertising mediums. Email can pop into your inbox at any time, and only needs to be dealt with when you’re ready. You can choose to open it or not.

On the other hand, there’s no avoiding those ads on Facebook, and you’re forced to watch at least part of an ad on those YouTube channels that do run ads.

Add in that emails can convey a fair amount of information, be read again and stored for later, and it’s clear why so many people prefer them over other marketing methods.

Take Advantage As A Business

This is excellent news for a business because it means that they get a simple and inexpensive way to communicate with their clients. It’s not all easy, though. You do need to ensure that the person actually reads your mail.

There are a lot of methods to improve your open rates, and you’ll learn more about them in the infographic below. However, probably the most important tip that we can give is to segment your email marketing lists.

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation means to group like-minded clients together so that you can create a target email for each group. It does take a bit more work initially, but the reward is that you get to send out an email that has a much stronger marketing message.

Say, for example, that you want to sell baby blankets. Who are the best people to sell these to? Those with young family and perhaps grandparents. Would a single guy in his 20’s be interested? Probably not.

By segmenting your market, you make your email campaigns even more successful by sending out only relevant information. Find out what else you can do to bolster your campaigns by checking through the infographic.