Social Media Marketing

What Are The Best Social Media Marketing Channels?

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Social media has woven itself into the fabric of all our lives and so has social media marketing.

We all interact with social media multiple times per day and so do our customers. That’s why social media marketing is a very important to your marketing mix. There are so many different channels, it can be hard for businesses to decide which ones are right for them. With that in mind we are addressing your concerns on the most popular channels.

Here are some of the most productive social media marketing channels in no particular order.


Videos are extremely popular. This channel is also important because it is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine. You want to be on Youtube.


Your customers and prospects are on Facebook and it has the largest demographics to choose from. Facebook ads are easy and can be very targeted.


For a B2B marketing LinkedIn is vital. Build relationships in order to network with your prospects and customers.


As long as you are providing good content you can grow your following and reach. Do not be sales pitchy on this platform. You are trying to become a leader in your industry and someone others go to for information and to buy.

There are many other channels where businesses are finding success such as Pinterest and Instagram so you need to find the right mix of social media channels for your business. The mix will be based on your customers and how your organization interacts with followers. Don’t forget about Yelp, the more good reviews you have the better. Don’t be afraid to ask customers to review you on Yelp.

Engagement with your prospects and customers is the key to successful social media marketing.

Hard core selling tactics do not work on any social channel. Make sure to have some fun with followers too. If you need some inspiration check out the fabulous things that these brands are doing on social media:

  • Taco Bell
  • Airbnb
  • GoPro
  • Red Bull
  • Lego
  • Wendy’s
  • Eggo
  • Starbucks

There are really too many to name, but this gives you some great insight into how others are using social media marketing with success. There is no shame in copying what others are doing as long as you make it your own. Your customers and prospects want to connect with your brand in a fun engaging way. You can make that possible and as a result build a community of happy customers.

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