Trade Show Fulfillment Tips

Trade Show Fulfillment

Trade Show Fulfillment

Trade show fulfillment should be seamless, but many times it is very chaotic! Having a good plan in place well in advance will help you make sure everything is in place and give you peace of mind. So what are some steps you can take today? Ideally you are starting to plan a year in advance, if not you will have some catching up to do.

Trade Show Checklist:

  1. Set your goals
  2. Know who your audience is going to be
  3. Plan out your printed materials and get them printed
  4. Choose the giveaways and get them manufactured
  5. Get your booth ready or printed if you do not have one
  6. Get uniforms printed
  7. Choose who will be going
  8. Book your travel
  9. Make sure that vendors are shipping items to the show correctly and on the dates required

Trade show fulfillment is a key aspect of your organization. You need to get your sales collateral out to your sales channels, to tradeshows and events when they need it.  We know how important it is that you get your online orders to your customers when promised.  Acting as an extension of your company, our fully trained staff provides printing, picking, packing and shipping services that will deliver the correct products and marketing materials to your shows precisely when they expect it.  We use formats, production processes and distribution methods that would be too difficult or expensive for most companies to supply on their own. We can be your one stop shop!

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Top 10 Tips For Excelling At Your Next Trade Show 

Trade shows give you a unique opportunity to meet with prospective customers as well as potential vendors and partners face to face in a focused setting. Unfortunately, they also offer that same opportunity to all of your competitors.

Being able to stand out from every other exhibitor on a crowded floor is no easy feat. You want to make sure you have what it takes to draw interested parties to see your presentation or product. You also want to impress your current clients and partners with the most professional and appealing setup. This is easier said than done, of course. It takes more to be a hit than simply setting up a booth and letting people discover you.

That said, there are numerous tried-and-true tricks that successful business people utilize to grab attention and create lasting impressions at a trade show. One of the most effective, for example, is taking advantage of digital signage. Having a strong visual element such as this provides you with something that will catch the eyes of passers-by and generate interest. You could use digital signage to display product photos, positive online reviews or demonstration videos. Once you get attendees’ attention, you’ll be able to reel them in with your pitch and make the connections you’ll need for prolonged success.

For more ideas to use the next time you attend one of these events, see the accompanying checklist. Content provided by Enplug.