Top 5 Video Marketing Ideas for Travel Agencies

video marketing ideas

video marketing ideas

Top 5 Video Marketing Ideas for Travel Agencies

Large travel operators have been using video advertising and promotion for over a decade with effective results. There’s no reason why smaller agencies and one-person businesses shouldn’t embrace and enjoy this technology.

Video marketing may cost you some time and effort but is within easy reach of anyone, even those who profess to be technically deficient. Here are five ideas to boost you on the road to excellent video marketing.

1. Video Has Emotive Power

A film can create inspirational images, convey a story, and take people to far-off romantic places they dream of visiting. The medium is a combination of visual delight, underscored by touching music and filled in with the odd phrase to emphasize a point. 

video marketing ideas

2. Creating Videos

You have two options – hire a company to do it for you or do it yourself.

Commissioning a Company

There are many film companies from the inexpensive to top of the range with full services. Many photographers and video editors are eager to make a name for themselves and would be willing to assist. The one thing to remember is you get what you pay for, and you may have to oversee and do some of the work if you’re on a budget.

Making Your Own Videos

You don’t have to be the best camera person on the planet, and you don’t have to travel to exotic locations. Find a cost-effective promo video maker in the travel industry that’ll help you generate a good quality video. You don’t have to shoot a movie, and a compilation of photos strung together can also spark interest.

Creating a video from scratch takes time and money, and you may want to consider using quality footage that’s already available. Suppliers, tourism boards, cruise liners, and other related organizations have already done most of the work for you. Many have marketing resources, including video content, which you could use.

video marketing ideas

3. Video Posts

How many times have you hit share without adding any added benefit to the post? Comment on every post you publish. Share your personal experiences or add comments from satisfied travelers. Add clips of a customer with a story to tell. 

You can say something you like about the video, venue, or destination and add a snippet of some little known fact or a story. The most important part is to include a Call to Action (CTA). Ask people to share their favorite stories of the destination, an amusing anecdote, or their bucket list. 


4. Multi Marketing

Whether you commission a company, create your own, or share others’ content, the question is – how can you use this in other ways? Instead of only sharing it on Facebook, post it on Twitter or Instagram. 

Write a blog post about the video or the destination. Create an email with a link to the clip and add your insights into the destination. Youtube is a valuable free resource where you can upload your content and then share a link.

5. What Not to Do

Don’t change or alter any content not created by you. An example of bad practice is adding your logo to the end of a video or an image without the content owner’s permission. You most probably will violate copyright laws, and it could cost you. Also, be careful of sharing something from an unknown source and check their credentials with fellow industry leaders.

The Last Word

As a travel agent, it’s time to embrace a strategy that’s seen many other companies grow in leaps and bounds. Experts say that audiences are ten times more likely to engage, comment on, and share videos rather than blogs or social posts. Search Engines also rank videos highly, especially those uploaded to Youtube, which helps with your visibility.

Video has the power to engage with your audience memorably, and it’s well worth your time and your effort to add video marketing to your portfolio.