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Top 5 Facebook Ad Tips For 2023

Facebook ad tips

Adding Facebook ads to your next direct mail campaign can boost your results between 23% and 35%! Did you know that the average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month? Facebook ad tips can help you be at least one of those ads this year. What is your plan in 2023 to get them to click on your ads? Sure, you can continue to do what you were doing in 2022, but what if you could do better? Let’s first take a look at what will continue to help you build momentum. Video is king. In 2023 you will want to make sure that you continue investing in video. As always start off with strategic planning of your social media marketing. Set goals and then plan the ads that will achieve them.

Here are the Top 5 Facebook Ad Tips:

  1. Broad audience targeting – Start with a broad audience so that Facebook’s algorithms can be more effective. Test everything to generate valuable insights and find a broad creative appeal that resonates with the most people. These insights will help you refine narrower targeting. Staring broad and then narrowing based on analytics will get you the best results.
  2. Multiple Formats – Facebook offers several formats for your ads. Make sure you are using them all. You want to use a balance of Image, Video, Carousel, Instant Experience, Collection, Lead, Slideshow, Stories, and Messenger ads. Each ad type offers a different approach and can help you reach different people.
  3. Setting Budgets – The cost per result goal bidding in Facebook is reliable and effective. Start out by testing several bids through the Campaign Budget Optimization feature. Since Facebook will automatically test various bids across different ranges, you will be able to scale up successful tactics quickly and effectively.
  4. Try Messenger ads – These show up in Facebook’s messenger tab. Since it’s where people spend time chatting with friends and family, Messenger ads feel more personal than scrolling through Image or video ads.
  5. Reporting – Make sure that you are monitoring your ad effectiveness. The more campaign data you can access, the easier it will be to implement effective campaigns. It will also allow you to quickly make changes if your ad is not performing as expected.

The best practices for Facebook ads are constantly changing. Only you know what works for your specific audience. And the only way you can keep that knowledge up to date is by testing. Did you know that images with people are eye-catching, relatable and you are more likely to get clicks than those with inanimate objects? Close-ups tend to perform better, especially when the people in the ad resonate with your target audience.

Don’t focus solely on the Facebook ad, but also on the landing page people will go to once they click on your ad. Your ad does not sell for you, your landing page does. Taking the time to design and write the best copy for your landing pages is extremely important to generate sales. Are you ready to get started? We can help call us in San Diego at (619) 297-2281 or email