Social Media Marketing

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2016

Are you making these social media marketing mistakes?

Many times social media marketing gets away from us and ends up being a really big mistake. The worst part is that most of the times the mistakes go viral and a large number of people hear and see them. Before you end up in hot water let’s look at the top 3 mistakes you want to stay away from.


1. Bad Research

Before you post or tweet, make sure that you have done your homework. There is a lot of bad information out there, so you want to make sure what you are sharing is correct. Yes, even photos can get you in trouble is you don’t check them for more than just inappropriateness. A lot of times what sounds great within the organization gets interpreted vastly differently by people outside of it. Try running your ideas past people who do not work there to prevent an unintended faux pau.

2. Bad Humor

Funny can be great or it can go horribly horribly wrong! You must consider from all points of view how your funny idea will be viewed. Humor can be offensive when not done properly. Consider putting together a review panel that includes a variety of people from different races and religions to give you feedback before you post.

3. Wrong Account

Be careful who you assign to post to your account. You should never allow your team to include a personal account with your corporate account in your management software. Too many times posts are made to a company account that was intended to go on someone’s personal account. These can be really bad posts. Make it a policy that no personal accounts can be added to your listening and posting software.

If you can prevent bad social media marketing posts from happening you will save yourself and your team a lot of effort on the back end to fix it and apologize. However, if something slips through, you must apologize right away. Own up to the problem and immediately take action so that something like that cannot happen again.

Social media marketing can be a fun way to communicate with your prospects and customers as long as you take precautions and plan to be transparent with any issues. Well thought out and planned posts are the best way to keep your company out of hot water.

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