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Top 3 Email Marketing Don’ts

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Bad email marketing happens too often!

It is surprising that in 2016 there are still so many bad emails being sent out. I seem to get some every day. No, I am not talking about the spam medical ones coming from overseas, but the real marketing messages that companies in the US are sending out. So let’s take a fresh look at the top 3 problems we see with email marketing in hopes that you can stay away from them.

Top 3 Email Marketing Don’ts:

1. Permission

You cannot send email to people that have not given you their email addresses or have done business with you. It is against the law to send emails to people who don’t know you. You can get blacklisted or worse, so don’t buy an email list and send to it. Only use your in house list.

2. Content

Your content needs to be relevant to the people you are sending to and needs to be free from errors. Links need to work, spelling needs to be correct and so does the grammar. Take the time to double check what you are saying as well as how you are saying it. Make sure to choose the correct list of people. When you send non-relevant emails you will lose contacts and be reported as spam.

3. Subject Line/Call to Action

Your subject line needs to draw attention in order to get your email opened, but it also needs to correlate to your call to action. The reader expects the email to match what you say in the subject line, so make sure that it does. Do not use a bait subject line and a switch call to action, it will just anger people and they will report you as spam.

There are many other problems we see but these three are the most common. The first one can really get you into trouble so make sure to stay away from that one. Email marketing should not be used as a standalone channel, but as another arm in your overall marketing plan. When you combine email with other marketing channels you increase your response rates. The more often people encounter your marketing messages the more apt they are to purchase from you, so take advantage of that.

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