Direct Mail

The Direct Mail Touch

Touch is a necessary component to life as well as to communication.

Since many marketing channels today are digital, direct mail really stands out with its ability to touch people and be touched by them. Through touch a company can communicate in a profoundly greater way than through words or images alone.

Let’s take a look at how touch empowers direct mail:

  1. Ownership – Touch creates a sense of ownership over the item being held. The product or service being offered can really be theirs.
  2. Value – Touch creates value and a sense of need. When I have something it is worth more to me than when someone else has it.
  3. Temperature – Touching warm things evokes responses in our bodies that improve moods that allow us to view things more favorably. Can you create that warmth on your direct mail piece?
  4. Decisions – Touch can sway decisions by generating favorable responses. People like things that make them feel good. How can your product or service capitalize on that?
  5. Trusted – High quality paper is more trusted and leaves a lasting impression for a longer recall of the product/service and the company offering them.

Seeing maybe believing, but touching is trusting.

Because of this, direct mail is a powerful channel to drive purchasing. If you utilize the 5 elements above in your direct mail you have the ability to reach people without them even realizing it. Adding texture coatings and using high end paper can dramatically increase your response. Digital channels have no way to reach people like direct mail can.

I am not saying that digital channels are bad, what I am saying is that it is best to exploit each channel in the way they work best. Then when you create your multi-channel campaign, you have unique opportunities with each channel to reach people in profound ways, thereby increasing your response rates.

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