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Social Media Marketing

Many marketers struggle with social media marketing, while others just use it for fluff.

You can successfully use social media marketing to gain customers. A successful social media campaign uses one or more social media channels to promote a product/service, build brand awareness or create a sense of community. It is a way to unite people around a common interest or experience. Are you ready to create yours?

Let’s look at a few really good social media campaigns from brands you know:

1. GE

Created a campaign with hashtag #6SecondScienceFair using Vine & Tumblr.  The purpose was to encourage interest in science, increase engagement, and build GE’s reputation as an innovator. Check it out here: . The video highlights a bunch of experiments that participants submitted. It was liked 130,000 times and re-vined 105,000 times.

2. Marshalls

Created a campaign with Pin Pals by using Pinterest & YouTube. It used Pinterest boards of its followers to select items from its stores to deliver to selected followers. The deliveries were shared on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter . Check it out here: . This social media campaign resulted in 12 million video views, 143,000 engagements, and 475 million impressions.

3. American Express

Created a campaign with Everyday Congrats from Tina Fey with Facebook. The social media campaign promoted the Blue Cash Everyday AMEX card with playful and most importantly, share worthy videos congratulating real people on their “adulting” successes. They used Facebook’s API to identify the most popular (with the most engagement) adulting topics then called in spokeswoman, Tina Fey to film memorable clips about them. Check it out here: . The campaign resulted in over 30 million views and a 20% lift in brand consideration for AMEX.

So after looking at these examples what fun social media marketing ideas can you come up with to engage your audience? How about ways to spread your message and increase your brand awareness? Many marketers have social media accounts and include them in their marketing, but they do not drive any real action. Asking for a follow or share is easily ignored, when you prompt people to actively create and participate in a social media marketing campaign you initiate curiosity and interest which provides  you with lots of interactions, and great results. Are you ready to get creative and have fun with social media marketing?

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