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Social media marketing should also be sales.

Social media can be used for more than just marketing; it can be used for sales. There is a difference in what you post as well as what you are listening for when the focus is sales. You can have two types of social media posts so that you are able to accomplish both marketing and sales each day at different times. Let’s take a look at social selling.

What are the core social selling concepts:

  • More prospects – You have a larger pool of prospects on social media than you do customers, so consider how you want to see to those prospects.
  • Generate interest – What creative ways can you come up with to gain interest in your social media posts?
  • Loyalty – Create social media loyalty programs for customers.
  • Positioning – Be a thought leader and a problem solver for all, even if they are not currently a customer.
  • Listen – Here you are listening for very different things. You are not just listening for mentions but also for buying signals such as people asking for recommendations or where they can find the services or products you offer. Be there to answer them.

Go to them don’t make them come to you. This is about being proactive for sales. So let’s now look at what type of content can help you with social selling.

What content to post:

  • Blogs – These should be educational and helpful. Solve problems your prospects are having.
  • Whitepapers – Just like the blogs these should be educational and solve problems.
  • Events – Promote events that prospects are interested in, make them fun and educational.
  • Pictures – Use both professional images and quick mobile phone images to provide an in depth look at your company and humanize you.
  • Interesting customer stories – Highlight customers who have interesting things happening. It gives them publicity and you a chance to provide content others want to read.
  • Videos – Create both fun and professional videos. Educational content is great, but fun videos also generate attention.
  • Testimonials – Tell the world what your customers think you are doing well! Hearing directly from your customers is powerful.

Are you ready to start social selling? Keep in mind that social media is an ongoing channel. You need to keep up with it every day. It also takes time to build, do not look for instant gratification here. Relationships are not built in a day and social media is all about building relationships with people. Now go get started!

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