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You can use social media for all generations.

Many times marketers look at social media marketing as a way to reach and engage with millennials, but these days you are able to reach so many more generations. Think beyond Millennials to Gen Z, Gen X, and Baby Boomers too. Realistically reaching out beyond Baby Boomers does not work with social media. There are distinct ways to reach each generation on social media; it is definitely not one size fits all. Let’s take a look at the generations and their preferences.


Baby Boomers: Born 1946 to 1964:

Some of this group are retired while others are still out in the work force. Here are some key points about them: they are self-righteous, self-centered, buy now on credit, women were the first to work consistently outside the home, known as the divorce generation, optimistic, driven, one of the largest generations in history, like hierarchy and tradition etc. They prefer Google+ and YouTube. They love to share video and images the most. This group is the largest consumer of online content right now. For the most part they spend the majority of their time consuming content in late morning and early evening so this is the best time to reach them. They use desktops and laptops far more often than mobile devices.

Generation X: Born 1965 to 1980:

This group is all out in the work force. Some key points about them are: they were the first latch-key-kids, individualistic, government and big business mean little, feel misunderstood, cynical, want to learn, want to make a contribution, late to marry and quick to divorce, into labels and brand names, deeply in credit card debt, cautious etc. They prefer Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for content sharing as well as consuming. They still use desktop and laptops more often than mobile, but they are increasing mobile use. The two peak times for this generation are late morning and late evening, so reach out to them during these times.

Millennials: Born 1981 to 2000:

This group is spread between working force and students. Many still live at home with their parents. Key points for this group are: they are a very large group, optimistic, focused, omnipresent parents, respect authority, they live with the reality that they could be shot at school, like to work in teams, want everything fast and immediately, they feel special and expect to be treated that way, assertive, prefer a relaxed work environment etc. Mobile is the way for this group. They are consuming content in the late morning and late evening. They prefer Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for content sharing and consuming.

Generation Z: Born 2001 and up:

This group is the children and teens currently growing up. The stats for this group are not in yet, but they are considered to be the most tech savvy and mobile friendly out of all the generations. These are the early adopters of new social platforms so if you need to reach teens in this group stay up to date with the most current social channels.

Making sure that your social media marketing is targeting the right areas for each generation is important. When you target well and at the right time you get a better response. More than anything social media is a way to engage with your customer and prospects where you can hear directly from them if they like or dislike something.

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