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Social Media Content Ideas that Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Social Media Content

Social Media Content Ideas that Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Social media presents the opportunity for your business to connect, engage, and build trust with your audience. The one catch is that you’re in constant competition for the attention of busy social media users. Which means that you better be putting out some killer content! Otherwise, the chances that your posts get scrolled right past are high. 

Luckily, we have a variety of content types to work with. These are proven effective in engaging even the most distracted of social media users. 

What type of content you put out can depend on the impression you’d like to leave. Listed below are different content ideas that correspond with the impression they’ll give off to your audience. 


Customers crave authenticity from their favorite brands. They feel a deeper connection to a business when they feel they can trust it. Which is why being transparent on social media can be so powerful. 

Show that your brand’s identity is the real deal by creating content that has a personal touch. Some authenticity-promoting content might include:

  • Business Cards– Take your networking up a notch by getting people connected with your brand online. List all of your social media usernames clearly on your card. For a quick and easy-to-use, business card design tool try out Business Cards
  • Videos– Take your customers behind the scenes by sharing short videos of the day to day work at your business. Or make a short video featuring employees or the business owner. Verbally express your brand’s mission or answer some frequently asked questions. Videos are also an exciting way to share news from your company. 


Sharing impactful content proves to your customers that your brand has authority in its industry. This can be done by collaboration, or by starting your brand’s very own campaign. 

Some high-impact content ideas:

  • Influencer Content– Get in contact with influencers that align with your target audience and brand image. Negotiate a collaboration with them. Find an influencer that is happy to showcase your product to their thriving audience. Try the Upfluence plug-in for free to get access to the analytics of influencers’ social profiles. 
  • UGC– If you’re unfamiliar with this, it stands for user-generated content. This is a method of sharing content created by social media users, not brands. For some examples of how brands use UGC, check out this

An engaging method of using UGC to promote your brand, would be to-

  • Step #1 start a challenge. Assign a  unique, branded hashtag to this challenge. 
  • Step #2 encourage your audience to participate in your challenge with this hashtag in their post.
  • Step #3 repost your favorite user content featuring your brand’s challenge and hashtag. 


Providing your audience with engaging material will both catch their attention and maintain it. You can entertain your audience with a variety of content types. To name a few ideas:

  • Interactive Content– This is becoming increasingly popular amongst social media users and businesses alike. Think along the lines of games, quizzes, and poles. For your free interactive-content creation tool, go to Playbuzz. It’s a great way for you to learn more about your audience and vise versa.
  • Blog Posts– Use words paired with images to entertain and educate your audience. Show them you have a deep understanding on the topics revolving around your industry. 


Your social media posts won’t go unnoticed with the use of meaningful imagery. Show that your brand keeps up with the ever-evolving world. Some content ideas to entice your audience:

Themed Content-

  • Seasons- Are there any major holidays coming up? Show your festive side with content designs specially made in the holiday spirit. Take product shots, decorated to highlight the feel of the season. For free templates and graphic design tools, try out Canva
  • Current Events– Consider featuring images that express your brand’s standing in current events. Imagery can be a powerful emotional trigger. If you need some free images for your content, get them for free from Unsplash