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Second USPS Postage Rate Increase for 2021

USPS 2021 Postage rate increase

Second USPS Postage Rate Increase for 2021

A second USPS postage rate increase for 2021 has been filed. Expect postage rates to increase on August 29, 2021. This is a very large increase, more than we have seen in the last 5 postage increases combined.  On Friday May 28, 2021 the USPS filed with the Postal Rate Commission. The overall average price increase is 6.8%. We expect the PRC to approve the rates in July. Get your rate chart now!

Here are the few of the basic rates:

First Class Regular

  • One ounce stamped letter size pieces will increase to $0.58 each
  • One ounce metered letter size will increase to $0.53 each
  • One ounce Flat size pieces will increase to $1.16 each
  • Postcards will increase to $0.40 each

First Class Presorted

  • Presorted letters will increase to $0.485 each
  • Presorted cards will increase to $0.326
  • Presorted flats will increase to $1.00

Standard Mail

  • Mixed AADC Letters will increase to $0.33
  • Mixed AADC Flats will increase to $0.798

Nonprofit Mail

  • Mixed AADC Letters will increase to $0.199
  • Mixed AADC Flats will increase to $0.594

Direct mail postage rates are rising because of the second USPS postage rate increase, but you can still get great direct mail results. In order to get the most bang for your buck call us to discuss your options. We can help you with designing for the most cost-effective postage as well as cleaning your data to remove bad addresses before you mail to them.

Segmentation is another great way to save money by only sending the offer to the people most interested in it. We can also help you find prospects that look like your current customers to target them with better offers. There are so many ways direct mail can help you reach your marketing goals.

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