Direct Mail

Political Direct Mail Can Win The Election

Political Direct Mail For The Win!

With the flood of television and radios adds many campaigns are finding that using political direct mail gives them the best bang for their buck. The ability to target the right voters with a printed piece, gives direct mail an edge over other media channels. When your messages are relevant and personal, they’re powerful and drive response. Although some believe mail is past its prime, mail is proven and it is effective. Direct mail can drive the votes you need as well as raise funds for your campaign.

There are 3 challenges that face candidates:

  1. Standing out – How do you get voters to notice you?

  2. Connecting – Engaging with a wide audience can be a challenge.

  3. Reaching voters – How can you affordably reach the right voters?

Political direct mail can help you with all 3. You can use modern technology to give your mail pieces an even greater impact by allowing you to prolong your connection with voters. You can link to videos so that they get to know you better, or use augmented reality that allows them to select issues that are important and then find out how you feel about them. You can use direct mail on a small budget as long as you target your list well.

Since political direct mail can be used for both generating votes and raising campaign funds, it can be tempting to use the same piece for both purposes. Don’t do it. In order for direct mail to work the messaging needs to be clear and concise. Creating a dual purpose mailer causes confusion for voters and donors. Use the power of direct mail to focus your message to the right audience.

The best political direct mail pieces clearly define the benefits to recipients.

As a candidate it can be tempting to talk about yourself too much. Make sure that there are more “you” statements than “I” statements in your copy. Show them the possibilities that are within their reach if they vote for you or if you are fund raising, the possibilities they can bring about if they donate.

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