Direct Mail

Multi-Channel Marketing Is More Effective With Direct Mail

Your prospects and customers are busier than ever. In order to get their attention you need to reach them through more than one channel with multi-channel marketing. A good multi-channel campaign could be the key to your marketing success. In many cases marketers have only included digital channels, but they are missing out on a key component to success. Direct mail increases response rates when added to a multi-channel campaign. Consumers rarely communicate with any brand through only one channel. These tips will help you craft your multi-channel marketing campaign to not only include the latest digital channels, but also direct mail.

5 Tips for effective multi-channel marketing:

1. Start with your goal:

Some common goals are to promote a product or service, increase sales, generate inquires or leads, brand awareness, build relationships, etc… Have your goal or goals clearly in mind so you can plan every stage of your campaign to best meet them. Laser focus on your goals will give you better results.

2. Who is your audience:

Before you start building your campaign, know who you’re talking to. Use sources such as previous campaigns, customer feedback, demographic information, and website or social media metrics to build a clear image of your audience. Make use of customer profiles to focus on your ideal customer, their wants and needs, and the kind of message that appeals to them. The more targeted the message the better your response will be.

3. Choose channels carefully:

A multi-channel campaign doesn’t mean using every possible channel. Rather, figure out which combination of channels is likely to resonate best with your target audience. Use what you know about their past interactions with you, to help you make that decision. Pick the channels that will give you the best results. Remember that the newest channels that have a lot of buzz, may not be the best channels to reach your audience.

4. Consistent messaging:

A good multi-channel campaign gives your audience a consistent experience across channels. The value you offer them and your brand voice should remain consistent across channels. After all, your customers don’t think in terms of channels, they think in terms of what your message means to them. Make their transition between channels (such as using a PURL to go from direct mail to online, or clicking your email link) seamless.

5. Vary delivery:

Consistency is important in a multi-channel marketing campaign, but that doesn’t mean saying the message the exact same way in each medium. Each channel has its own best method of communication. The essence of your message will be the same, but the way you convey it in a 140 character tweet will differ greatly from how you say it on your direct mail piece.

Planning a multi-channel marketing campaign takes time and effort. By breaking the process down into clear steps and always keeping your goals and your audience in mind, you can plan a campaign that will put your message in front of the right people, at the right time and in the right way. One reason that direct mail is so effective in a multi-channel campaign, is that it facilitates a tactile experience that no digital channel can. Direct mail can drive online engagement and still have all of the tangible benefits. The fact that it can be highly targeted, kept for long periods of time, used over and over, then easily shared with others is a real bonus.

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