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Mobile Marketing Made Powerful by Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a powerful experience for mobile users.

It takes the real world and adds things to it via mobile devices. Mobile users love it. So far retailers have been doing a great job with adding augmented reality to their mobile marketing mix.

Let’s look at a few companies that do it well:


They make great use of AR technology with their catalogs. They allow users to see what each piece of furniture will look like in their own home. Users select the item such as a couch by scanning the page and holding it up to their room. There on the screen they can see what he couch will look like. This is not only extremely useful, but also really fun. Check it out on YouTube:

Apple Watch:

Here they use AR technology for you to try on different versions of the Apple watch. You can pick what color looks best on you as well as what size. Then you are ready to buy. Check it out on YouTube:


This is a really great way for women to experiment with different make up styles. It scans your face and allows you to choose from several makeup options. Once you choose you get to see what your face will look like when your makeup is applied. Check it out on Youtube:

The three ways above highlight how powerful, useful and fun AR can be. Not only will your customers and prospects love it, but it adds another layer of tracking for your marketing data. Who is scanning what, when, where and with what device. This information can be used for future marketing efforts as well as give you feedback on what is working and what needs fixing.

A few quick stats for you: Direct Mail with AR increased response rates to 37%. When AR was used, there was a 35% increase in merchandise sales. Movie posters saw a 75% interaction when AR was added along with coupons.

In many cases, marketers are held back from trying AR either because they do not understand how to do it, or think that the cost will be too high. AR can be much more affordable than you think. Two companies have great programs to help you get up and going quickly and for reasonable pricing. Take a look at Layar and Aurasma to see if one is right for you. Have you tried augmented reality? If so, how did it work for you?

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