Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing In 2017 with NFC

With mobile use at an all-time high marketers are reaching for more and more ways to interact with prospects and customers on their devices with mobile marketing. Have you considered using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology as part of your mobile marketing mix? Not sure what this is? Just like Bluetooth and WiFi, NFC works by sending information over radio waves. So there are no application downloads for your prospects and customers. NFC connects phones to each other as well as to NFC embedded sensor.

This technology really needs to be a part of your mobile marketing mix.

NFC technology gives you the ability to transfer data to mobile devices when a person uses a wave motion or tap above an imbedded sensor. These sensors can be placed in print pieces such as posters, flyers, direct mail, packaging and so much more. Have you ever wondered how tap-and-go services like Apple Pay and Android Pay work? They use NFC. Now consider how you can use NFC in your marketing.

Benefits of NFC

The benefit of this marketing technology over augmented reality and QR codes is that it does not require an application to be downloaded by the user. This allows the user easier access to your information and will increase your interactions with them. As a marketer you can use NFC embedded paper to connect directly with customers/prospects and provide extra product information, vouchers, promotions, links to social media, how-to videos or any type of content you want. Get creative to wow your customers and prospects with a powerful experience.

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