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Mobile marketing has a variety of options and serves a number of purposes. People want what they want, when they want it, and now they can actually get it! Mobile marketing is a great way to give your customers and prospects what they want.  In fact, the capabilities of mobile are uniquely positioned to deliver on personalized, real-time expectations. Are you meeting the wants and needs of your customers and prospects in the mobile space?

You can run promotions, transactions or many other campaigns. The point is to leverage all your options to create a consistent and personalized customer experience. There are many examples of effective mobile campaigns you can emulate. Here is one example for each category below.

Examples of good mobile marketing:


Here is an example from Mazda that was attention getting and a good message; the campaign has a car crash and a visualization of a cracked screen. The ad is designed to combat distracted driving, and branding for Mazda. Check it out here:


In this example, Gordon’s Gin used location tagging and a National Rail API to tell delayed passengers that they could enjoy a drink with their extra time. It even gave them the closest place to them that they could go purchase right then.


Domino’s Pizza has a great app. They have created the app that allows people to order pizza, customize their orders, and pay for them, all from their smartphones. Super easy and convenient makes a big difference in usage rates.


Ashley Furniture offered a secret sale for those who had opted in to receive their marketing messages via text. The sale was provided only to those on the list. This day provided more than $30,000 in profits for the Ashley furniture store, with 60% of those sales coming from the marketing

You may want to use all of these campaign types, at one time or another; because they all serve a need and can help you create an effective mobile marketing strategy. Be sure that you are respecting user preferences so that they want to continue to engage with you. Build loyalty and sales with continuing mobile engagement. Are you ready to get started?

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