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Are you making a connection with mobile marketing?

Many marketers have shied away from taking on mobile marketing in any real way. Yes they have added responsive design to their websites and landing pages. Yes, they have added mobile payments and in some cases even apps. However, most have not really embraced the technology and how it can help drive response. Take a look at Pokémon Go to see how powerful mobile can be. Businesses that embraced the augmented reality users by buying lures saw lifts in sales. There are many business opportunities if you leave yourself open to ideas.

People want to connect with each other and with brands.

Think of the ways you can interact with your customers and prospects using mobile technology. Another benefit is the data that can be gathered on users to be applied to future marketing. Strategizing about the power of mobile and how you can harness it should be top priority.

Generate mobile marketing ideas.

Getting the creativity flowing to generate new ideas for mobile can be a challenge. Usually we recommend that you look to see what other companies are doing. You can learn not only from the ones doing it well, but also from the companies that have made mistakes. Taking what someone else is doing and creating a way for it to work for you saves time. Knowing who your customers are and what they like is the best way to create a mobile experience they will want to use. This can be done by asking them questions or by using predicative modeling.

Mobile is the future of marketing incorporating it into your current channels is a must, but it is also a must to start to create mobile as its own channel. Start taking steps today that will lead you into the future of mobile. Have you seen brands using mobile in an impressive way? We would love to hear about it. Reach out via email at or call us in San Diego at (619) 297-2281, we are